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What Our Patients are Saying…

Okay, so today was a day full of dental visits. I’ve been in pain for three weeks and finally mustered the courage to call Dr. Jovicich. Marlena was amazing! Absolutely amazing! They got me in for a consultation within a couple of hours and then Dr. Jovicich performed the root canal as my nerve was severely inflamed and inciting referral pain throughout my face. He was so personable. They were very attentive and made sure I was comfortable and even gave me a blanket. I’d never had a root canal but if I ever need another… I will return here. I am grateful to have had such a wonderful doctor and support team delivering such top notch care. “

N.N. (Dr. Jovicich Patient)

I had to have a root canal! I am really fearful of dentist and my tolerance for pain is very very low! However, Dr. Jovicich at West Valley Endodontics made the experience completely uneventful and virtually painless! I still can’t believe it!!! 

W.Y. (Dr. Jovicich Patient)

 “I had a root canal with Dr. Jovicich. I am one of those who is petrified about these kind of things, but was referred by my excellent dentist, Dr. Drossman, so felt like I was in good hands. Dr. Jovicich is so kind, gentle, understanding of people with dental fears. This root canal was as good as it gets! Other than a little discomfort from the numbing shot, I felt NO pain. I am 100% pleased! The office is so fabulous, after the root canal, I had discomfort in the area with the temporary tooth, while awaiting the crown. (I had the tooth filled at my dentist after the root canal, this proved not to be successful) Several months later, I went back to Dr. Jovicich, to have the tooth checked, not only did they not charge me, but he called and consulted with my dentist to give me the best care. I am so very impressed with this office and Dr .Jovicich, I will not go anywhere else for I am sure after their excellent care, any other endodontist office would be a major disappointment! 

T.S. (Dr. Jovicich Patient)

For all the talk of painful root canals, Dr. J made sure I felt none. I’ve had two root canals here and without any pain. You could not ask for a better experience (obviously it’s not a great day for you since you are looking up people to do root canals). The office staff are great and got me in the same day. I was out if the door in under two hours each time with my root canal completed. Just go. Trust me. 

K.M. (Dr. Jovicich Patient)

THE MOST AWESOME dental visits I’ve ever had. I came in for a root canal and there was no pain, he and his assistant were so nice. They were patient with me, made me laugh, worked out a payment plan with me and there was even cool music playing during the procedure. I love this place and I highly recommend it to anyone!!!! “

M.G. (Dr. Jovicich Patient)